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Omanence: sophrologie et coaching en developpement personnel

Coaching in personal development and self-confidence

Find the path to inner calm


Creative Coaching

Therapeutic Touch


Qu'est-ce que la connection Body mind?

Why the Connection

Body Mind?

When they go together, body and mind work wonders! And the resulting inner calm opens up infinite possibilities, both on a psychic level and on an emotional and physiological level. It is a gentle and adapted way to meet our needs for harmony.

The mind is then able to reflect in an optimum way. Emotions are regulated. And the body contacts a state of general well-being leading to a relaxation state, to creativity and joy.

In a society that overinvests the analytical and efficient dimension of being,  our instinctive, intuitive and emotional nature has been devalued.  In  result,  it increases a  latent feeling of malaise and emptiness. Sometimes even to a depressive state, to addictive behavior, to inability to feel "happy" when all the lights are green. Somatizations of all kinds appear, physical and psychological discomfort , etc...

Listening to oneself, one's emotions and one's body is a proposal to rediscover the essence of one's deep nature. And of one's life force!  It is only from there that it is possible to spread one's wings and project oneself  into a life that makes sense.

The Body Mind Connection is an invitation to let go of one's mental ruminations and discover oneself. It is a journey towards one's deepest nature  through  relaxation and self-awarness.

La Connection Body mind pour qui?o.png

The Body Mind Connection for whom?

​This approach is intended for anyone seeking body mind well-being.

It is also beneficial in cases of:

  • Emotional or mental confusion

  • Perception  self-deprecating

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Various somatizations

  • Pre-burnout

  • Post burnout

I offer you a secure setting where you can draw on breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques to find inner serenity.

L'approche Body Mind

The BodyMind approach

La connection Body Mind

When bodily and psychic homeostasis is contacted, one gains in inner clarity, in self-confidence, and in life balance. It is from this state of self-presence that our way of acting and thinking gains in coherence.

"The body conditions reasoning" Hélène Grimaud
Omanence: la sophrologie


Sophrology is much more than a simple method of relaxation.

It is an approach of body consciousness with an existential dimension.

It is an alternative to massage for people resistant to touch, but it is also a great source of proposals for working on breathing, a real gateway to mind-body awareness.

This training in self-perception and the observation of one's sensations gradually leads to a change of outlook on oneself and on the world.

I am trained in Caycedian sophrology with a Rogerian dimension (Carl Rogers, humanist psychotherapist and creator of the person-centered approach).

Omanence: Ma Pratique

My practice

Omanence: le coaching créatif

Creative Coaching

Trained in coaching at Coaching Ways, a school accredited by the International Coaching Federation, I practice a global and integrative approach.

I lean  on different tools such as the integral vision, the dynamic spiral, Maslow's pyramid or Ofman's quadrant to name but a few.

  Metaphors and the world of symbols being tracks that I wanted to develop in my practice, I trained in Clean Language . This approach  was designed by Dave Grove, a New Zealand psychotherapist who, faced with cases of clients presenting with symptoms of post-traumatic stress, sought a way to circumvent the origin of the stress through metaphor. It's a creative way to approach coaching since it involves, through a specific questioning, accompanying the coachee in an inner exploration conducive to the emergence of information to consciousness!

Le toucher thérapeutique et Massages

Therapeutic Touch and Massages

Through touch and massage, the floor is given to the body. In its manifestations, its feelings, and the experience we have of it. The touch "awakens" bodily sensations and opens the regeneration spaces necessary for the body to self-regulate.

Bio-integration Touch Massage

Derived from the Biodynamic massages developed by Gerda Boyesen, a Norwegian psychologist (1922-2005) who made the link between stress and the digestive system, this touch supports the body in its self-regulation process.

It can be practiced fully clothed and is done using a stethoscope. The latter has the function of making the intestinal movements heard ("the intestinal gurglings" that Gerda Boyesen called "the psycho-peristalsis"). These indicate where the process of assimilating bodily tensions is.

It is a massage touch that leads to a deep connection to oneself, a bit like a journey within oneself, and accompanies the process of emotional cleansing in a gentle and respectful way.

The Esalen® Massage

The Esalen massage is the origin of the Californian massage, and it is much more than a simple relaxing massage!

It is a massage developed in the 60s at the Esalen Institute, an alternative space for personal development where different approaches were born such as Gestalt, Rolfing, transpersonal psychology, and many others.

The Esalen® massage is an integral massage, based on oil. Each part of the body is contacted through long movements reminiscent of the flow of Pacific waves. It is a slow and deep massage, working the fascias as well as the muscles, and allows you to reconnect with your corporality and your feeling of existing. It is particularly indicated for people who have little perception of their body, and who find it difficult to feel good about it.

Les témoignages


"Coaching with Aurélie boosted me professionally and gave me self-confidence, I discovered my passion, and found my way! Aurélie is patient and attentive, I highly recommend her!"

I am Aurelie O'Brien

Omanence Aurélie O'Brien

​I accompany those who are in search of meaning by offering them a space for inner and psychocorporal exploration. A gentle and respectful way to meet that part of yourself that asks to reveal itself.

Sophrologue adherent au Syndicat des Sophrologues Professionnels

Member of the Syndicate​ Professional Sophrologists, I undertake to respect the code of ethics.

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